In this episode, we help agencies on two fronts: Firstly, we demonstrate how artificial intelligence-driven financial forecasting can help you win new business by proving to prospects that you know all the financial pain points of their sector. And secondly, we help you understand exactly how critical it is to be able to spot zombie companies that appear to be financially OK but are in fact just hollow husks of business that could bring your agency down.

Zitah and her team of fintech superstars are on hand to address some vital new business issues:

🔘 The stress of not commuting

🔘 Factors to consider when prospecting for new clients in a post-pandemic world

🔘 How to spot companies investing in R&D and why this is a great sign

🔘 Data can be fun if fun equals profit

🔘 Increase your chances of success by looking at financial KPIs

🔘 How to spot a zombie company

🔘 Who came off worse in the pandemic

🔘 Equality and branding in the VC world Plus Jeremy Davies is playing bullsh*t bingo again, but it’s for new business people this time!

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To check out this episode of the podcast click here.

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