The Advertist recently published a tender by Portsmouth City Council seeking expressions of interest from experienced family engagement specialists to help the Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery become a more family friendly destination and create resources for a family audience.

Those looking to put themselves forward for this need to be armed with data and insight that might help them acquire this new business.

Desk research specialist Victor Houghton at VH Insights, the man behind the facts and research for our new business briefing podlets has provided us with some insight that might help in this area.

VH Insights notes:

•             Millennials are becoming parents – accounting for 82% of babies born in 2016. Brands targeting them need, therefore, to consider that these mums and dads look and behave differently from the parents of previous generations. Insights into the millennial parent’s family reality can help brands connect with this merged audience.

•             A marketing strategy that understands the purpose of why families are together and promotes modern family life as embracing togetherness, inter-generational sharing and wellbeing will resonate with and attract families.

•             The total number of families has risen by nearly 9% over the last 20 years, in line with the growth of the UK population.

•             Gardens (34%), historic buildings (28%) and museums (26%) are the top three attractions potential visitors would like to attend in the next 12 months. Mintel November 2020

•             56% of UK adults agree that visiting attractions closer to home has become more appealing.

•             Indoor activities such as visiting theatres and museums have become less appealing for those contemplating domestic holidays. Visiting beaches and natural parks have become more popular.

•             The Black Country Living Museum (BCLM) in the town of Dudley, England, brought history to life on TikTok in the name of education.

Sources: WARC, Mintel, Trajectory, Contagious

For something deeper than just talking points, consider thorough desk research for your target brand. VH Insights has legal access to some of the best sources on the market, including some which are subscription-only. Get in touch for a bespoke new business briefing that covers aspects of the company, category, consumer and culture.

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