With all the outcry about how the big FMCG companies are greenwashing us and brands are gaslighting the general public into buying more of their products, just what are the alternatives for savvy consumers? Where are the products of the future coming from?

Orr Vinegold is the leader of business accelerator Unrest – an incubator committed to coaching the next generation of founders and giving them best-of-breed advice.

And Unrest should know because it’s part of creative superstar Uncommon – a previous guest of the show and one that left an indelible mark on the debate around the real meaning of creativity.

Orr Vinegold has got all the chops – he’s poacher turned gamekeeper, following an illustrious career with some of the behemoths of the consumer goods world but now he’s turning all his skills into helping companies that put planet and purpose before profit – not just ticking boxes but vetting the founder’s DNA to make sure they do what they claim. Having selected his lucky stable of companies, the team at Unrest then go about making sure they get best of bred advice and help to launch their business, giving it one of the best starts a business could want, including marketing, positioning, strategy and funding.

This is a blockbuster of a show and only we dare to go where others don’t. This is more than a podcast, it’s a complete guide to modern marketing and we were honoured to spend so much time with Orr.

This show is packed with extras for you, including a wonderful bit by our returning hero Jeremy Davies who takes down Elon Musk quicker than a tweet about exploding Teslas.

We also pay tribute to our impressive guest line-up across the year, with a rap/poem that name checks all our wonderful agency guests.

And stick around right till the end for a brilliant Christmas Easter Egg about next year’s shows.

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