In a rare interview, Keith Smith Managing Director of The Advertist sits down with business podcaster Seth Goldstein to discuss the world of new business.

The podcast – Entrepreneur’s Enigma – highlights the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. And, as you’ll discover, working at The Advertist isn’t all laying around in the sun, drinking Margheritas and making phone calls.

Well the phone calls bit is true.

Because The Advertist sits at the epicenter of the UK’s new business community and in this show, Keith explains why the company launched and what lessons he’s learned about generating new business for creative agencies over 15 years of publishing and podcasting.

He also displays an almost unfathomable, yet truly British ignorance of American Football and Super Bowl customs.

Not bad for someone who’s claimed USA as his home for the last 15 years!

Keith’s heart is still truly in the UK’s creative agency world.

Let’s face it, cold emailing new business prospects is getting harder and harder.

If your email isn’t:

a) familiar to the prospect
b) something they need that oozes trust,


You need a way to demonstrate trust, knowledge and authority in a way that will stimulate their senses.

You need it to work.

You need a podcast.

Or better still, a series of podcasts, covering all aspects of your business that the prospect can listen to at their leisure, while they work, or walk or drive or commute.

A podcast that has been produced by a team with years of b2b new business and podcast experience.

You need Orchard Podcast Productions – the team behind The Advertist – New business development platform and the wildly successful The Fuel podcast, the new business show.

Think of it as a 21st century brochure about your agency.

Think of it as your new business salvation.

You’re welcome.

DM Keith and he’ll hook you up

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Are you looking to sell your creative agency, or looking to acquire one?

You need to strap yourself in because it’s gonna get bumpy.


You take on board the wisdom contained in the next 60 minutes of my interview with Adam Rubins, who’s experienced the highs and lows, the mental stresses and strains of the agency sales process and lived to tell the tale.

Not only that but he’s built a new business around helping agency owners avoid the common pitfalls of selling or acquiring a creative agency.


  • Hollywood
  • The future  of TV streaming
  • Mental welfare at work
  • Wearing masks
  • The value of new business to your agency’s price tag – which is useful because this show is sponsored by new business development platform The Advertist!
  • How to make your agency more attractive to a buyer
  • Agency employment laws
  • US and UK agencies –  divided by a common employment language

And sharing an office with Sean Connery

Adam’s LinkedIn profile here:

Now, Next Why Linkedin profile here:

Now, Next Why web site here:

All of us at The Advertist invite you to check out The Fuel Podcast, where we pull on the experience of leaders of companies in a variety of sectors with loads of fantastic interviews, tips and tales.

To check out this episode of the podcast click here.