Let’s face it, cold emailing new business prospects is getting harder and harder.

If your email isn’t:

a) familiar to the prospect
b) something they need that oozes trust,


You need a way to demonstrate trust, knowledge and authority in a way that will stimulate their senses.

You need it to work.

You need a podcast.

Or better still, a series of podcasts, covering all aspects of your business that the prospect can listen to at their leisure, while they work, or walk or drive or commute.

A podcast that has been produced by a team with years of b2b new business and podcast experience.

You need Orchard Podcast Productions – the team behind The Advertist – New business development platform and the wildly successful The Fuel podcast, the new business show.

Think of it as a 21st century brochure about your agency.

Think of it as your new business salvation.

You’re welcome.

DM Keith and he’ll hook you up

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