Sick of sweating every day at work?

Feeling new business shamed?

Do other people snigger when they see your pipeline?

Is your order book looking thin and under-nourished?

Not any more with a new business workout created by The Advertist

All your monthly goals and ambitions can be achieved with minimal effort.

All the heavy lifting is already done for you.

All you need to do is turn up and look great.

It’s the concentrated facts and intel in The Advertist that help you pile on the pounds and let the real leader in you shine.

It’s scientifically proven and developed by experts to boost your agency’s own immune system and increase your new business metabolism.

Get in the best shape you’ve been in for years, with the affordable, practical and easy-to-use service from The Advertist.

Be new business confident for 2019 with The Advertist

“We designed The Advertist to provide professional new business executives with an affordable and accurate source of intelligence and data on UK companies and brands. We appeal to the market because we provide the tools for prospectors to work in a variety of different ways to boost their agency’s sales. There is no competition for the quality and service that we provide.” – Managing Director, The Advertist.

For me, it’s bloody useful and covers a lot of new-biz bases.” – Mark Young, A & R and new ventures, Liquorice

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