Sarah Jenkins is leading the charge at legendary advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi and she’s overseeing the agency’s transformation into a truly diverse, inclusive and brilliantly creative, disruptive and formidable business.

Just like it used to be.

In this Cannes Lion special edition, SJ reveals Saatchi’s new ‘Ignite’, ‘Open’ and ‘Home’ initiatives and explains how they are going to transform the British advertising industry.

She opens up about how the agency includes education and grass-roots influence, sharing ideas in the industry, how Commercial Break is helping Saatchis adapt to the new creative cohort.

In the show, we discuss:

  • The quality of talent coming into the industry & how to create the right environment for on-boarding it.
  • The commercial advantage of a solid D&I strategy
  • Retaining the underdog mentality
  • Conscientious Consumerism
  • Psychology of the Lipstick Recession
  • Is The Empathy Delusion still alive and thriving?
  • Are we in a period of re-gearing our priorities?
  • How to practice fast decision-making
  • SJ’s Top 3 creative campaigns of all time
  • Advertising industry’s contribution to the UK’s GDP

Show Notes

Sarah Jenkins’ LinkedIn profile here:

Saatchi & Saatchi here:

Commercial Break  (diversity consultancy) here:

Dr Ed Brooks –  Research Director, Virtues and Vocations Project, Oxford Character Project, Here:

John Lewis: The Long wait advert here:

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