How do you grow from working in the agency, to ON the agency?

Robin Bonn is an expert mentor, coach and new business person, specializing in the creative sector, helping agency owners nurture their growth ambitions.

Learn Robin’s best-selling tips for making sure that leaders bring their people with them on the journey and how to develop the new business pipeline into a long-term 3-5 year strategy.

What’s the magic ratio of referrals to cold new business and how do you delegate growth responsibility?

A fascinating hour of conversation with one of the best in the business!

In this show, we discuss:

  • The art of lifting your head up
  • Why having focus is a superpower
  • How to be a cutting-edge conformist
  • Alignment and decision making
  • Why creds decks stop you listening
  • How the pandemic created a no-fault reset
  • What skills are needed to win new business consistently?
  • The latest shots fired in the agency -v- consultancy war
  • What’s so great about soft-close kitchen drawers?

Also – Jeremy Davies on agency reception perceptions.

Show notes

Robin’s LinkedIn profile:

Co:definery web site:

All of us at The Advertist invite you to check out The Fuel Podcast, where we pull on the experience of leaders of companies in a variety of sectors with loads of fantastic interviews, tips and tales.

To check out this episode of the podcast click here.

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