Paul Phillips is the Managing Director of AAR – the Advertising Agency Register, where magical matches are made – and he’s seen it all.

Failure, success and everything in between that is the battlefield of agency life.

In this show, he shares his observations from the last 25 years of agency pitches and presentations, what to do, what not to do and how to make sure that you and your agency is putting itself forward for business you can win and that your brand is hunting for the right kind of agency for your brief.

If you’re a CMO or brand custodian and thinking of appointing a creative agency, or you run an agency and are looking for new business, then this is all you need to know.

In this show, we discuss:

What makes a great advertising agency

Justifying marketing budgets

How to be pitch perfect

The art of pitch editing

Relationship longevity

The definition of ‘Shower time’

The importance of strategy

Show notes

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