Are you looking to sell your creative agency, or looking to acquire one?

You need to strap yourself in because it’s gonna get bumpy.


You take on board the wisdom contained in the next 60 minutes of my interview with Adam Rubins, who’s experienced the highs and lows, the mental stresses and strains of the agency sales process and lived to tell the tale.

Not only that but he’s built a new business around helping agency owners avoid the common pitfalls of selling or acquiring a creative agency.


  • Hollywood
  • The future  of TV streaming
  • Mental welfare at work
  • Wearing masks
  • The value of new business to your agency’s price tag – which is useful because this show is sponsored by new business development platform The Advertist!
  • How to make your agency more attractive to a buyer
  • Agency employment laws
  • US and UK agencies –  divided by a common employment language

And sharing an office with Sean Connery

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