Kate’s the CEO of Lately.AI the only social media management platform that creates content for you with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Like most of our guests, there’s a hell of a lot more to her than just being the CEO of a cutting-edge company. She’s a wonderful personality, hilariously dark, doesn’t take prisoners and we predict you’ll be seeing Lately on the NASDAQ within the next two years.

Kate shares her journey with us, and her tips on making your digital content work for you, but because that’s where every other podcast stops, we went further.

In this supercharged interview, we discuss:

Throwing shade on Clubhouse

The art of interviewing

The cynical music industry

The future of music streaming

The stress of toxic workplaces

A message to Mr Bradley

Accessing your ‘Nine’.

And we don’t stop there. We published a YouTube exclusive of the show here but that version doesn’t include an insightful segment from Mr Jeremy Davies who serves up a wonderful analogy of how your colleagues are like popular brands.

All of us at The Advertist invite you to check out The Fuel Podcast, where we pull on the experience of leaders of companies in a variety of sectors with loads of fantastic interviews, tips and tales.

To check out this episode of the podcast click here.

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