What a swell party we had last week – the perfect show for the perfect storm!

The Advertist – the UK’s only decent source of new business development intel, data and insights has decided to launch a new product.

And frankly, the timing couldn’t be better!

While business executives are in isolation, seeking new and innovative ways of pushing forwards and keeping the wheels of commerce turning, what better thing to do than join our gang?

That gang is The Fuel Podcast.

Produced by the founders of The Advertist, The Fuel Podcast is our brand new show, designed to help all those working in business, with an interest in finding new clients available now on Spotify and iTunes.

No flim-flam – just honest-to-goodness, inclusive, insightful, funny and lively interviews and think pieces, designed to help you on your new business journey.

We’ve just dropped five episodes and we’ll be publishing every week with fun, informative and engaging interviews with some of the UK’s most knowledgeable winners of new clients.

And you could do us no greater favour than subscribe to the show, so that we can continue to sprinkle a little jet fuel on the fire of new business.

In no particular order, I’d like to thank the following guests:

  • Phil Lewis – whose “damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead” approach is a much needed breath of fresh filtered air.
  • Ben Potter – new business matchmaker, a fount of biz dev knowledge and a wise head on young-ish shoulders.
  • Tom Cheesewright – applied futurist, business seer and raconteur who delivers the future in a stripped-down, no-nonsense easy-to-digest format.
  • Alex Kirkpatrick – man about town (on a bike) business development agency co-founder, new business planning maestro and always one of the first to know when it rains (both physically and metaphorically).
  • Greg, Tim and Martin at Beehive for their branding advice and general barracking from the sidelines.
  • And I chip in with a short monologue to help raise the spirits of those working from home.

Additional thanks to Donna Smith, Editor of The Advertist for her co-production advice and to Matt Smith at Quijibo Design and Photospherix for his technical skills and input. In fact, anyone with the name Smith.

And don’t forget – the same team behind The Advertist is the team behind The Fuel podcast and we have only one thing in mind: to make your job of new business prospecting a whole hell of a lot easier.

So wash your hands, pull up a chair and tune in to The Fuel Podcast and we’ll keep coming back with more help, advice, great guests and general new business-themed entertainment for you.

————————————————- |<O>| ————————————————-

Keith Smith is the co-founder of The Advertist, the UK’s only independent new biz dev platform. Copywriter, blogger, podcaster and published author. You can email him at keith@theadvertist.com if you are interested in finding out more about how to grow your new business pipeline, or how to be involved with The Fuel Podcast.

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