Any fans of either Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul will be used to the utter resistance to quit displayed by the brilliant character of James (Jimmy) McGill.

And like other “keep going” motivational memes on the internet, there is a lesson for anyone working in sales.

Because sales isn’t all upside. It isn’t always about busting targets. Sometimes sales seem evasive and new business is like one of those nightmares when your horizon is always moving away from you.

That’s when you find out if you have the chops for the job. Sometimes you even have to create the job in order to sell it but when Jimmy’s down, he’s never out.

Sure, his approach isn’t always above-board and I’m not recommending any underhand tactics but attitude is what carries you through the day.

Sales is about hope – and confidence in that hope. Confidence will drive the method and the method will drive the sales. The sales will pay the bills.

Jimmy McGill is the ultimate embodiment of the motto: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and there’s a lot of truth in that saying.

Give yourself the belief that you can power through the tough times because your resourcefulness is unfathomable.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on the horse. Or find another horse. Or even a motorbike but whatever you get on, go forward.

Adverty bit

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