While most great creative is inspiration, that inspiration comes from a source based in facts.

These days, we’re surrounded by fake news and alternative facts that if you don’t check them out, could cause irreparable damage to yours or your client’s brand.

In this show I chat with one of the advertising industry’s leading fact-finders.

Victor Houghton has been supplying irrefutable facts to advertising agencies for years. Those facts have helped them put together multi-million pound and dollar-winning pitches.

An hour of truths, actualities and factualities on working from home, diversity and inclusion, greenwashing, deepfakes, artificial intelligence and the best free research tools agencies can get.

Vic’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victorhoughton/

VH Insights web site: https://www.vhinsights.com

The Neuron  https://join.theneurondaily.com/

Chat GPT  https://chat.openai.com/

Google Bard  https://bard.google.com/chat

Waldo  https://www.waldo.fyi/

Pi  https://pi.ai/onboarding

Claude  https://claude.ai/

My Social AI  https://app.mysocial.ai/

Riot in the Taverna playlist  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5ckxgzY7GnpDiYGZxzmJ8f?si=c5b3e26dbaa84c33

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