Those at the Advertist working late.

Would you cold call a prospect at 4pm on a Friday?

How many times have you held yourself back from making a cold call because you didn’t think it would be the best timing?

Why? Do you know your prospect’s habits?

When you’re making a cold call, it’s never about you, it’s about them. Cold calls need to come heavily armed with intuition and dare.

And if you have the chops to make a cold call on a Friday afternoon, you’d better be at the top of your game because you need instant cut-through.

But more than that, if you have been given their mobile number or direct line, that’s your first clue.

I mean really, these days, how many executives walk out of the office, telling all their colleagues that they can reach them on the mobile? It’s much more natural these days to be reached on a mobile.

And generally, they should think it’s OK to be called late in the day on a mobile because what prospect worth reaching only works half days anyway?

So remember, just because YOU think it might not be the right timing, doesn’t mean they feel the same. More often than not, they’ll appreciate the eagerness and initiative.

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