In Episode 1 of the New Business Masterclass, Kimi Gilbert of renowned new business agency The Future Factory (TFF), explains what it takes to be a great new business person.

In her role as Managing Partner at TFF, Kimi trains and coaches new business executives and teams on the art of designing and managing new business programs.


The New Business Masterclass is a chance for anyone working in the field of creative and digital agency new business and business development, to up their game with advice from the proven experts.

The New Business Masterclass was designed to capture the advice of some of the leading personalities in the world of agency new business for the greater good of the industry.

Each month, we’ll be bringing you short presentations from recognized new business experts such as Future Factory’s Kimi Gilbert, the ever popular Ben Potter, sales supremo Brad Smith, design specialist Jeremy Davies and new business agency legend Natasha Ellard-Shoefield.

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