GDPR Statement


The Advertist operates in compliance with GDPR and the platform is intended to be used by its clients on the understanding they are themselves GDPR compliant. The Advertist will maintain compliance on an ongoing basis.

The Advertist uses data provided by its parent company The Orchard Consultancy Inc, a private US company, formed in 2007.

We operate - and regularly update - a database of marketing contacts of companies inside and outside the European Union that has been collected solely through human research. The Advertist does not buy, import or authorize the use of data from third parties.

Our data is held on a secure SQL database controlled by a secure hosting provider in the USA. Maximum security is applied to the database and server activity is monitored 24x7 and reported if deemed suspicious.

The Advertist provides only its clients with a secure environment to research and analyze data and insight for the purposes of new business generation within the creative marketing communications industries, including PR, marketing, advertising, digital and social media. The data held on each company allows clients of The Advertist to communicate with them for purposes of Legitimate Interest. We do not hold any data on any company or contact that does not qualify as legitimate interest, such as medical, personal, religious etc.

Our clients use the research and content provided by the platform soley for the purposes of the contracted client’s own business development purposes. The information may not be re-sold, copied or transferred outside the officers of the contracted client.

Should any data breach take place, The Advertist will report and log all incidents and parties responsible for audit purposes.

The Advertist understands a citizen’s right to withdraw consent (The Right to be Forgotten) at any time and all such matters will be handled within 24 hours. Consent withdrawal and approval can be made via the web site of The Advertist.

The data officer is:
Keith Smith
Managing Director
Orchard Consultancy Inc